Christmas approaches, as does 2016.

It might seem more logical to begin a big venture at the dawn of the new year as opposed to in the dying embers of the previous one, but somehow adhering to such an ingrained social norm would make the whole thing feel less creative. Less gutsy. More tired.

I want this to be creative and gutsy and alive, even if somewhere along the line I try and write something too complex, and miss the nuance of a situation in doing so. I would rather have tried. I would rather have something to learn from.

So here it is: my new blog. It’s going to take the form of an online newspaper – although admittedly a newspaper with a single reporter-columnist! However, if the number of staff is unrealistic, then the style and tone will make up for it. Every two weeks I’m going to post on a subject I’m interested in. It’s going to be well researched, there’s going to be a clear line of argument, and it should be informative and entertaining too.

Occasionally, I might post articles I’ve written for WesternEye, UWE’s student-run newspaper.

The first post will be up before Christmas.

I have an interest in a lot of areas, and journalism seems like a place where I can explore them all, express my opinions, and keep learning about the things I care about independently.

I hope you enjoy this blog, reader, especially if you are an admissions officer or potential employer.

(I promise my writing is better than my sense of humour.)


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